Pro Drive Shaft Collar for Polaris

All Polaris 2013 to 2018 sleds equipped with their QuickDrive System are susceptible to catastrophic driveshaft failures.


The stock Polaris clamp solution can migrate, leaving the vulnerable areas of the driveshaft exposed.  Our Pro Collar encapsulates the entire area of potential weakness and can be epoxied in place for a permanent solution.


Charge the backcountry with total confidence in your equipment.


Development & Design

We recognized the need for a proactive solution; one that does not potentially leave Pro owners stranded with an inoperable machine in the backcountry, a potentially unsafe scenario.

We have heavily invested in failure characterization, R&D, engineering and design to develop a product that enhances the strength of the Polaris drive shaft design.

While other companies have produced products that have less robust engineering principals applied to them, Happy Face felt that time needed to be taken to research the issue and produce a superior product with precision tolerances and attention to detail – one with decades of engineering, manufacturing and snowmobiling experience behind it.


Happy Face has partnered with Outback Manufacturing in Bend, Oregon; a military and industrial high tech machine shop, and Cascade Clutch & Performance to assist with the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of the Pro Collar. view design and production photos


The CNC machined 6061 Aluminum HFPP Pro Collar will provide significant clamping force around the entire Polaris drive shaft, with equal forces applied at the correct locations to allow for maximum holding power.


Allowances have been made to compensate for design tolerances in the Polaris Drive shafts, assuring that the Pro Collar will fit all 2013 & 2014 shafts. We feel that the ’13-’14-15 and 16 Polaris shaft design is a well thought out product, the strength is unmatched in the industry. However, there is a production issue that has led to unreliable drive shafts. Until Polaris resolves the issue, the Pro Collar helps to provide additional reliability that snowmobilers depend on.

 The Pro Collar is not a fix for a potentially faulty drive shaft, nor will we guarantee that it will completely eliminate the risk of drive shaft failure, but it does provide an extra level of safety and additional peace of mind.

*Note: The drive side of the shaft takes the largest amount of load and has been the side that has shown the most failures. The left side or clutch side of the drive shaft very well could have the same issues. We are recommending moving the free Polaris clamp to the left side of the shaft and install our Pro Collar on the drive side.  For a permanent solution you can install the Pro Collar with Lords epoxy and never have to deal with this again.

We want you to enjoy as many on-snow days as possible.

Download the installation guide