Polaris QuickDrive belt install – Happy Face Pulley Install Tools


We highly recommend practicing this procedure at home with a good beer in hand. After having practiced this once in your home shop, you’ll be much more capable of handling this task in the backcountry. Happy Face Install Tools make quick work of an otherwise challenging task of lining up the two loose pulleys and the stiff drivebelt.

 Tools for the job

1. Turn the key to the off position and remove the key, tether, etc. from the snowmobile and ensure that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY for the machine to start while performing this install. For machines with electric start you may want to remove the battery to give yourself adequate access to the bottom pulley of the drive system.
2. Remove the pulley retaining bolts and washers. Set them aside in a clean safe place.
3. When removing (and installing) the belt, the key is to slide the belt and pulleys straight on/off in small increments as to not bind the system. DO NOT rotate the pulley in an attempt to spin the drivebelt, as the belt will NOT stretch. The belt and pulleys must slide straight on. This system is not like your old BMX bike, do not try to roll the belt onto the splines.

QD install photo 1
4. Remove pulleys. We suggest taking the pulleys off and slightly chamfer all the inside edges. It makes reassembly much easier. The sharp edges that come from the factory make assembling the drive system harder than it need be. A couple minutes with a small file could save you significant grief in the backcountry.

QD install photo 5

Driveshaft highlighted in red with area of chamfer.

5. Mount the Happy Face QuickDrive Install Tools into their appropriate locations. The long tool should be inserted into the top splined shaft, the shorter tool goes on the bottom splined shaft.
6. Check orientation of the drive belt for proper drive direction, also be sure you have the appropriate pulley set aside for its respective location.
7. Place the lower pulley with the drive belt partially installed and slide about 1/8” onto the lower Install Tool first.
8. Align the drive belt and top pulley and place on the upper Install Tool.

QD install photo 4
9. Slowly and evenly slide the drive belt onto the pulleys, while at the same time sliding the pulleys onto the splined shafts using the Install Tools as guides. Remember the key is to slide the belt and pulleys incrementally as to not create bind. DO NOT rotate the pulleys in an attempt to spin the drivebelt, as this will either stretch the belt or cause bind in the drivetrain. The belt and pulley should slide straight on. If the pulleys are not sliding on, ensure the timing of the shafts/pulleys is correct; sight down the bore of the shaft to ensure the pulleys are mating correctly with the driveshafts. You may need to rotate one or the other of the shafts in order to set their timing.
10. Once the drive system is in place remove the Happy Face Install Tools. Then secure the pulley mounting washer and bolts. Be sure that washers on the pulley bolts are installed with the crown out away from the pulley. Use blue Lock-Tite #242… We prefer to use the #7471 primer as it reduces the cure time.  Tighten hardware to Polaris’s torque setting recommendation of 45 ft/lbs. 

After thorough examination of this system it is our belief that Polaris has produced an extremely well-engineered drivetrain. As with any product there can be design or manufacturing issues that go beyond the control of the manufacturer. Our goal has been to work with the Polaris design to enhance the strength and reliability of the system.