Pro Collar – Instructions


Installation Instructions

  1. Turn the key to the off position and remove the key, tether, etc. from the snowmobile and ensure that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY for the machine to start while performing this install.
  2. Roll your snowmobile onto the LEFT side, exposing the track and suspension on the drive side. Rest the sled on a blanket, foam camping pad, etc. if desired. If fuel leaks out, cease the install, right the sled back up and see your dealer.
  3. Clean all snow, dirt, debris or any foreign matter from the drive shaft.
  4. Inspect the drive shaft. If there is ANY separation of the end cap from the shaft, bulging, rocking movement, cracking, etc. DO NOT INSTALL THE COLLAR, DO NOT RIDE THE SLED AND SEE YOUR DEALER IMMEDIATELY. This collar is not effective on drive shafts that are exhibiting signs of failure, or have failed.
  5. There are two spots of epoxy that are about an inch in from the end of the silver hexagon shaped drive shaft– rotate  the shaft by moving the track.
  6. Carefully remove this excess epoxy with a sharp tool so you cannot feel any bump on the drive shaft from excess epoxy, do not dent or damage the drive shaft.
  7. We are recommending that a liberal amount of clear silicone sealant be used where the collar meets the end of the drive shaft to avoid the potential for corrosion due to moisture being trapped.
  8. Slide one half of the PRO COLLAR into place around the drive shaft.  With the half in place, feel for any inconstancy in the fit. It should be very snug.
  9. Slide the second half of the PRO COLLAR into place and repeat the fitment procedure on the second half of the drive shaft.
  10. If there is anything that doesn’t fit perfectly snug, try to locate the high area and lightly file any high spots down or look for debris on the shaft.
  11. With both pieces fit correctly on the shaft, install the allen head bolts into the two (2) holes provided at each end of the PRO COLLAR, but do not tighten the down yet – use Loctite 7471 primer and blue Loctite on the bolts.
  12. Ensure that the PRO COLLAR is pushed away from the tunnel and is firmly up against the drive shaft end.  A screwdriver can be used to provide a small amount of end pressure.
  13. Tighten the four (4) allen bolts evenly to a torque of 100-120 inch pounds or ¼ turn after contact.
  14. Go ride your sled with some added confidence.

After extensive examination of this issue it is our belief that Polaris has produced an extremely well-engineered product.  With any product there can be design or manufacturing issues that go beyond the control of the manufacturer. Our goal has been to work with the Polaris design to enhance the strength and reliability of the shaft.