Steering Post Bushing – Polaris Pro

We carry the best steering slop solution available on the market. These bushings eliminate radial slop and failures in stock bushings. The slotted mounting holes eliminate the linear play (up and down) in the post as well. These have been in production since 2007 and have proven to be durable solution […] Read more »

Side Panel Strap Kit

Pro Side Panel Strap Kit is the simplest way to attach your side panels and eliminates having to deal with the Dzus fasteners…….simple and quick to install. We run them on all our sled because they simply work with your gloves on. Fits 2011+ Polaris Pro models. Read more »

Quick-Drive Belt Deflection Guide Kit

The Belt Deflection Guide Kit from Fire n Ice prevents the Polaris Quick-Drive belt from ballooning out & crawling up onto the drive pulley cogs while under deceleration. Fits 2013, 2014, and 2015 Read more »

Clutch Cover for Polaris P-85

For those that like to push it even a bit further… Thanks to our demanding customer/enthusiasts, we found ways to improve our Clutch Cover. Our cover is a direct bolt-on replacement for the Polaris P-85 clutch cover. Machined from billet 6061 aluminum to provide the best performance advantage. Purpose-built to dissipates heat at a […] Read more »

Rear Bumper

[pb_carousel group=”0″] Our precision machined bumpers provide a much stronger connection to the tunnel via a fully CNC 6061 machined aluminum bracket. The brackets are designed to withstand a substantial load either from pulling forces or impact sources. The crossbar is 1-1/4” diameter with a 1/8″ wall thickness. The 6061 aluminum […] Read more »

Pro Drive Shaft Collar for Polaris

All Polaris 2013 to 2018 sleds equipped with their QuickDrive System are susceptible to catastrophic driveshaft failures.   The stock Polaris clamp solution can migrate, leaving the vulnerable areas of the driveshaft exposed.  Our Pro Collar encapsulates the entire area of potential weakness and can be epoxied in place for a permanent […] Read more »